On Vacation

Mr. Meowski's

December 28, 2018 at 7:05 AM ·

Goodmorning!!!!! Mr. Meowski is on vacation, and if he takes a vacation I have to take one also because I don’t know how to bake the bread without his help. He keeps part of the process a secret so I don’t run out and start my own bakery. After all these years and he still doesn’t trust me.

Anyway, we will return Saturday January 12th. Hope everyone is having a fun and relaxing holiday.

It's Snowing

Mr. Meowski's

November 15, 2018 ·

As most of you know Mr. Meowski is fiercely independent and obtusely stubborn. When I saw all the snow as I was leaving for the bakery I instinctively picked up Mr. M so he wouldn’t have to walk through the snow. Well he didn’t like that and demanded I put him down. Reluctantly I did.

So we began our short march to the car. I look back and Mr. M’s belly was dragging through the snow. I tried again to pick him up but he just yelled at me and proclaimed “ I got this!” The snow was only getting deeper the farther we went until all I could see was his tail and two ears. Poor guy.

Well he finally made hopped into the car and off we went. He was shivering. Then when I tried to brush he snow off of him he snapped again and said “I’m fine!” I could tell he wasn’t fine. So I just kept on trying to warm him up and brushing off all the snow that had adhered itself to his fur. Eventually he relented a bit and let me brush off the the snow because he could tell I was only trying to help.

Long story short, Mr. M has been sitting next to the hot oven ever since we got here. In fact he just rubbed up against my cheek, with his big round remorseful eyes, and asked if maybe I could carry him to the car on the way home. This little guy. What am I going to do with him!

Rasberry Filled Cronuts

Mr. Meowskis cronut.jpg

Mr. Meowski and I have been sitting in front of the pastry case just staring at these cronuts. He started looking at me with his big wide hungry eyes. I told him no and that these were for the customers. I had to keep a close eye on him because I knew the minute I turn my back on him he’s going to eat one. Well he finally quit whining, gave up, and went back into the kitchen. Well then I started staring into the case. I stared a little too long and before I knew it I convinced myself that I should try one. So I took a little bite. Well Mr. M heard the flaky crunchy noise of me biting into the cronut and darted into the room. “What did you do! I thought those were for the customers!!” I was busted. Caught red handed. A flush of guilt ridden adrenaline flowed through my cold veins. I didn’t even have a response for him. I just cut it in half and gave half of it to him. We sat there quietly enjoying the best raspberry filled cronut topped with butter cream icing we’ve ever had. After we were done Mr. M slicked back his whiskers and proclaimed “totally worth it” and went back to work in the kitchen. #discoverstc #stlfood #cronut

Mr. Meowski's High School Memories


Mr. Meowski and I have been so busy lately we haven’t had a chance to sit around,have some fun, and share stories. Well today we finally had the chance to reconnect and sit down over a warm bowl of milk.

I’ll tell you what, when Mr. Meowski gets a bowl of warm milk in him he’s liable to tell you all sorts of stuff. He started bringing up all sorts of memories about his time in high school. He said he got made fun of a lot his freshman year because he was so different, and a tad awkward, but by the end of the year everyone loved him. He told me when he saw someone having a bad day he would always mosey up to his fellow student and offer up a gentle head butt, or even flop on his back and inevitably the sullen student would start petting him, and amazingly their mood would get just a little better. He said it wasn’t a grand gesture, he just wanted to let
his fellow human classmates know he cared.

Long story short he was voted most compassionate in his yearbook his senior year.

Mr. Meowski is napping now, but I can’t wait to drink more warm milk with him in the future cause you never know what kind of stories he will share. #cookies #chocolatechipcookies #discoverstc

Mr. Meowski's pop up at Aphateria


Mr. Meowski is a little bundle of nerves right now because of the pop up. He’s been filling his milk bowl with RumChata and acting like I don’t know. I can tell though. He’s not fooling anyone!!

Anyway, I’ll try to keep this little fur ball sober, and it would be great if you came to our pop up Sunday.

Ohh yeah. We’re in Feast Magazine as one of the best food and drink events for the weekend.

See you at the Alphateria!!!!!! If you haven’t been you need to. Special thanks to Mandy and Brad for hosting this Sunday patio series!


Mr. Meowski will be closed for a much needed vacation!


We will be closed until 7/16/2018. Mr. Meowski hasn’t been fairing so well due to sleep deprivation. I think that’s why we he’s been so confrontational lately. I promise to pet him a lot, give him lots of love, and let him play with all his favorite toys while we get some sleep and renourish our soul.

We will still be at Tower Grove Farmers Market and we will still be at all your favorite stores in the mean time.

Mr. Meowski's Wants Toys!

Mr. Meowski always finishes a task and then lounges around the bakery doing nothing. Well today I yell at him “If you have time to lean, you have time to clean!”

Well he was in a really bad mood and proceeded to hiss at me and say “It would be a much better work environment if there more TOYS laying around... You know, like at Google!”

Well that sent me over the edge, and I threw a roll of paper towels and Windex at him and yelled “Get to work!”

This is where things got ugly. He yelled back at me “I DO WHAT I WANT!! I WANT MORE TOYS!”

I got so mad I was seeing red. So I decided to walk around the block and get some fresh air to calm myself down.

Well after finishing my walk I open the door to the bakery this is what that my that little stubborn animal with four paws, a tail, and pointy ears left for me. #sourdough #discoverstc #stlfood



Why is Mr. Meowski Wearing a Beret?


Mr. Meowski came into the bakery wearing a beret, so I already l knew he had some shenanigans in store for me. I didn’t bite, and I went a whole 45 minutes without asking him about it. He finally yells “Come on!!! You’re really not going to ask why I’m wearing this beret!” Ok so I finally asked him and he said he has been working very hard on his French Croissant and wants to start offering croissant sandwiches. I told him he can wear the beret anytime, as long as he keeps up the good work. #croissant #pastry #discoverstc #stlfood