Timothy's Story

Good bread is hard to find. Fresh bread is even harder to find. Good fresh sourdough bread is almost impossible to find. Good fresh sourdough bread that can be purchased straight out of the oven or at a grocer near you, unheard of!

Four years ago my obsession with sourdough began, and diligently fed my sourdough starter, whom we have named "Moses", twice a day. I started baking several loaves of bread per week. During this odyssey I perfected the art of baking sourdough bread. Mr. Meowski's sourdough is fermented for 24 hours. This allows for complex flavors to develop. Amazingly, there are only three ingredients to our bread. Water, flour, and salt. My personally cultivated sourdough starter, and lots of time, transform these three simple ingredients into a crusty, chewy, open crumbed, delightful loaf of bread that pairs perfectly with soups, salads, toast for breakfast, and even the humble grilled cheese. So I humbly ask you again. Where can you find sourdough bread that is baked fresh daily and immediately ready for your kitchen table.  The answer is Mr. Meowski's.