“The Legend of Mr. Meowski”

It all started three years ago. By all means it should have been an ordinary day, but by the time the sun set that evening I knew my life had change forever.

You see, earlier that day I went to a job fair looking for employment. The economy was still recovering and the place was packed with eager job seekers. That’s when I saw him. Mr. Meowski, dressed to the nines in a suit and tie. He was the most extraordinary sight I had ever seen. A cat that could talk and carry on as if he was a human. He was trying to convince the owner of ACME bakery to hire him. I could tell the owner wasn’t having any of it. Mr. Meowski seemed to be growing more and more desperate by the second because he could tell this opportunity was quickly slipping right between his paws. He pointed to all the accolades on his resume and told the owner about his baking prowess. That’s when the owner finally yelled “YOU’RE A CAT!! NOBODY IN THIS TOWN IS GOING TO HIRE YOU!!

And with that this poor little cat’s ears went limp, whiskers went droopy, and a small tear started to form around his now reddened sad eyes. Dejected, he loosened his tie and sauntered out of the job fair.

I felt so sorry for the guy. Why did that guy have to be so mean? I thought to myself. So I ran after him in the parking lot and offered to take him to Beak Street Cafe for a nice warm bowl of milk. Maybe some friendly conversation would cheer him up? He was staring at the ground and he finally looked up at me wiping away his tears with his paw and softly and humbly whispered “Thanks. I’d like that.”

Well long story short, over the course of our glass of milk he told me about how he had an obsession for baking sourdough bread, and how he trained with the finest pastry chefs around but nobody was willing to give him a chance because of his genus Felis Catus.

I sat there thinking to myself how the world can be a cruel place, especially if your not like other people, and at that moment I blurted out, almost involuntary, and driven with divine inspiration “I’ll hire you! Let’s start a bakery together!!!!!”

And at that very moment Mr. Meowski’s Sourdough was born.