It's Snowing

Mr. Meowski's

November 15, 2018 ·

As most of you know Mr. Meowski is fiercely independent and obtusely stubborn. When I saw all the snow as I was leaving for the bakery I instinctively picked up Mr. M so he wouldn’t have to walk through the snow. Well he didn’t like that and demanded I put him down. Reluctantly I did.

So we began our short march to the car. I look back and Mr. M’s belly was dragging through the snow. I tried again to pick him up but he just yelled at me and proclaimed “ I got this!” The snow was only getting deeper the farther we went until all I could see was his tail and two ears. Poor guy.

Well he finally made hopped into the car and off we went. He was shivering. Then when I tried to brush he snow off of him he snapped again and said “I’m fine!” I could tell he wasn’t fine. So I just kept on trying to warm him up and brushing off all the snow that had adhered itself to his fur. Eventually he relented a bit and let me brush off the the snow because he could tell I was only trying to help.

Long story short, Mr. M has been sitting next to the hot oven ever since we got here. In fact he just rubbed up against my cheek, with his big round remorseful eyes, and asked if maybe I could carry him to the car on the way home. This little guy. What am I going to do with him!