Mr. Meowski's High School Memories


Mr. Meowski and I have been so busy lately we haven’t had a chance to sit around,have some fun, and share stories. Well today we finally had the chance to reconnect and sit down over a warm bowl of milk.

I’ll tell you what, when Mr. Meowski gets a bowl of warm milk in him he’s liable to tell you all sorts of stuff. He started bringing up all sorts of memories about his time in high school. He said he got made fun of a lot his freshman year because he was so different, and a tad awkward, but by the end of the year everyone loved him. He told me when he saw someone having a bad day he would always mosey up to his fellow student and offer up a gentle head butt, or even flop on his back and inevitably the sullen student would start petting him, and amazingly their mood would get just a little better. He said it wasn’t a grand gesture, he just wanted to let
his fellow human classmates know he cared.

Long story short he was voted most compassionate in his yearbook his senior year.

Mr. Meowski is napping now, but I can’t wait to drink more warm milk with him in the future cause you never know what kind of stories he will share. #cookies #chocolatechipcookies #discoverstc