Rasberry Filled Cronuts

Mr. Meowskis cronut.jpg

Mr. Meowski and I have been sitting in front of the pastry case just staring at these cronuts. He started looking at me with his big wide hungry eyes. I told him no and that these were for the customers. I had to keep a close eye on him because I knew the minute I turn my back on him he’s going to eat one. Well he finally quit whining, gave up, and went back into the kitchen. Well then I started staring into the case. I stared a little too long and before I knew it I convinced myself that I should try one. So I took a little bite. Well Mr. M heard the flaky crunchy noise of me biting into the cronut and darted into the room. “What did you do! I thought those were for the customers!!” I was busted. Caught red handed. A flush of guilt ridden adrenaline flowed through my cold veins. I didn’t even have a response for him. I just cut it in half and gave half of it to him. We sat there quietly enjoying the best raspberry filled cronut topped with butter cream icing we’ve ever had. After we were done Mr. M slicked back his whiskers and proclaimed “totally worth it” and went back to work in the kitchen. #discoverstc #stlfood #cronut